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First of all my name is Faraz shaikh. Let's start the story of a nano soft company. One day I was sitting in my class with my two best friends who's name is Usama Siddique and Awais Arain. We were thinking that we should do freelancing because we need money for our goods and also for our good stuff, then one of my friends said that yes we should start freelancing. After a couple of days, we started freelancing. Then about two months, we started earning. At the age of 14, we decided to start a small online business because we have seen too much interference of cyber in our daily life. After that, we were trying too much to start our business but every time we got failed. Our families and also our school friends started to shaming on us that you can't do it this is not for you. In the end, we were losing hope that we can't do that. We were not able to see any path that leads us to success. We were very sad at that time because we have nothing to eat, nothing to spend. You already have listened to that quote "A hungry stomach, an empty pocket, and a broken heart can teach you the best lesson of life". Then the 3rd month we were in school in our class sitting silently then the whole class fellows were Laughing at us except my two best friends. When we arrive at my home with my friend They are my partners they helped me a lot in every situation every time they were with me. After that, we were thinking that there is no reason to stay in this world. Then someone gives us advice that don't lose hope God will help you if nobody does then we started again focusing on our business. After lots of unsuccessful years Finally, we did it. We created our company. Then everybody starts appreciating us and some people get jealous because of our success. Now that's the story of Nano soft company.

About incoming jobs

In future nanosoftnet company will start giving jobs to jobless and also for homeless people. For more info contact us